Create an app from your newsletter,
and boost sign ups, open-rates & sharing.

Did you know apps have 10x higher sign up rates, open rates, and 28x higher CTR than emails? That's newspushes. An app ready in minutes, not months, for free.

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Subscribers love your content,
but they hate emails.

With our patent-pending technology, you can let new subscribers download a branded app which converts your newsletters into newspushes. No more lost emails.


Create & connect your app to your newsletter in minutes, every single platform supported.


Recapture inactive subscribers with your new app, including new readers who hate emails.


As you publish newsletters, each one is auto-converted to in-app content, 'newspushes'.

It's more powerful than you can imagine...

Four Game-Changing Benefits

Stop Losing Sign Ups

'Email' is practically synonymous with 'Spam'. Nobody likes emails, but that doesn't mean they don't like your content. Offer an app, and you'll instantly boost sign up rates.

How It Works

Boost 'Active' Subscribers

In the newsletter game, we all know the difference between 'subscribers' and 'active subscribers'. There's just too much competition in inboxes. With an app, you can avoid that.


Recapture Lost Subscribers

All of your inactive subscribers once had an interest in your content, but emails simply weren't the medium for them. With an app, you can finally recapture them.

Instant Growth

Unlock Organic Growth

Content online can be easily shared on WhatsApp, but emails? No. They can only be forwarded to other inboxes. However, newspushes can be shared everywhere.

All Features

Unlock The Power Of Apps

Create Your Newspushes App

You have far less competition when delivering your message through an app than other channels, and you can get one in minutes, not months. Just create a newspushes account and connect it to your newsletter service.

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