Instant Subscriber Growth

Instant Growth

Being able to offer your readers an app provides extremely powerful growth strategies publishers are often unaware of, some of which are instantly impactful.

Recapture Lost Subscribers

The most effective instant-growth strategy. Your inactive subscribers are the perfect initial users to capture with an app. They were interested in your content, but emails didn't work for them. So, let them know you have an app.

More Sign-Ups, Higher ROAS.

There is a visitor to subscription conversion rate, meaning there's a percentage of readers you fail to capture. So, capture more readers by simply offering a second, modern option to receive your content. An app.

Let Readers Help You Grow

Emails are designed to be read & replied to. They are not designed to be shared. Let your most active readers know you have an app, and let their love for your content help you grow as they share it on WhatsApp & social media.

Unlock The Power Of Apps

Create Your Newspushes App

The reality is that email technology is bottlenecking your growth potential. Of course, apps are usually expensive, time-consuming, and in all honesty, a complete nightmare to get built. That's exactly why we built Newspushes. Our patent-pending technology will take your game to the next level. Get your branded app today.

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