How It Works

Newspushes, explained.

Once you've connected newspushes to your newsletters and added a link to download your app on your website, this is how it will work for new subscribers...


Meet Sarah...

Sarah really wants to read the 'TopTech' newsletter content, but she hates emails. Her inbox is already overflowing. Thankfully, she sees there is a TopTech newspushes app and proceeds to click on the app link.


Quick Sign Up

Sarah is taken to the TopTech newspushes registration page, and signs up to the TopTech app in seconds.


Download App

Once the account is created, Sarah is given a link to download the official 'newspushes' app from her preferred mobile appstore.


The Magic

When Sarah logs in to the official newspushes app, the app finds that she's registered to Tech newspushes, and the entire app is branded with your logo and your content. It becomes the TopTech newspushes app, on her phone.


Dedicated Pushes

Now, when TopTech publish newsletters, each one is converted into newspushes and sent to Sarah's TopTech newpushes app. No more emails, just simple push notifications that Sarah can open to view the newspush in the app.


Never Lost

Of course, on her busy days, Sarah doesn't have time to read the newspush when it's sent, so she waits for the weekend and finds it beautifully organised in the app (and not lost in a sea of emails).



While browsing the web, Sarah finds the 'FinTech' newsletter, and sees they also have a newspushes app! So she clicks the link to register to it.


Second Sign Up

Just like before, Sarah is taken to the FinTech newspushes registration page, and signs up to the FinTech app in seconds.


Magic 2.0

This time, Sarah doesn't see a download link. Instead, she's told to simply open the newspushes app, and voila! She see two app icons: TechNews, and FinTech. Multiple apps in one, meaning she's less likely to ever uninstall the main app.


Peace of Mind.

A few days later, Sarah sits down to read up on TopTech. She opens the newspushes app, clicks on the TopTech app icon, and is immersed in the branded app experience, fully engaged.

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